Do you love heritage? Do you want to advance your heritage career? Intern with London Heritage Council.

London Heritage Council offers unpaid internship opportunities for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students who are interested in gaining experience in the heritage and nonprofit sectors. 

When you intern with London Heritage Council you won't be filing paperwork, you'll be leading events, writing grants, brainstorming ideas, and gaining tangible, real-world skills and community connections.

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Current and Past London Heritage Council Interns

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What I've gained...

"The London Heritage Council has provided me the opportunity to supplement my public history studies with tangible work experience. I have been able to observe and participate in the behind-the-scenes aspects of many of the Heritage Council’s projects. In particular, I have assisted with the Museum School London program, and learned the ways that the Heritage Council facilitates local education programs. I am looking forward to continuing my internship at the London Heritage Council and continuing my involvement in the coordination of Museum School London."

- Brooke Campbell, Western University Public History Program


What I've gained...

"The London Heritage Council offered me the opportunity to complete a summer internship that complements my public history background. Working there allowed me to enrich my understanding of London’s past and the integral role London heritage plays in the community today. The London Heritage Council provides flexible projects that allowed me to collaborate with various organizations in the public sector of London. I was very excited to be part of the team that worked to coordinate Canada’s Sesquicentennial, Doors Open London and other various community projects!"

- Jennifer Bate, Western University Public History Program Graduate