London Heritage Council

Giving a voice to our past.


Our mission is simple - to bring Londoners together to celebrate our shared stories.

Londoners have saved lives, explored space, and changed the world. Our museums and heritage organizations share these amazing stories, showing why the past is very much alive in our present.


Why does heritage matter?

Culture is a $540,000,000 industry in London. Museums and heritage sites educate, inspire, and give Londoners new reasons to love their community. The London Heritage Council exists to help cultural and heritage organizations to find new, innovative ways of connecting with their community. Check out the information below to explore the impact that culture and heritage have in the London region.

Did you know?

Culture is a great investment - every $60 invested by the City of London into the cultural sector sees a $1,475.00 return?

Did you know?

Nearly 1 in 3 Londoners visited a local museum or heritage site last year?

Did you know?

With 15 museums/heritage sites, London has more museums per capita than Toronto or Ottawa?


“Nearly 1 in 3 Londoners visited a museum last year.”

-Data provided by the London Cultural Prosperity Plan

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London's Museums and Heritage Sites

From discovering medical heroes of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, to finding your inner child at the London Children's Museum, there's something for everyone at a London museum or heritage site. Click the images below to learn more.


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